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Dear Fulbright School Applicant,

The Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, commonly known as the Fulbright School, has established itself as a pioneer in advanced policy education and research in Vietnam. We are proud to have launched the first graduate level teaching program in public policy in Vietnam, and we continue to take the lead in introducing new innovations in public policy research and teaching in Vietnam.

If you have an interest in public policy, we invite you to join our community of scholars, researchers, students and policy practitioners working together to improve public policy, policy education and research in Vietnam.

Perhaps you are a policy maker in central or provincial level government seeking to improve your analytical skills and learn more about successful policy innovations in other parts of the country or overseas. Or you are a university lecturer interested in developing a public policy program in your home institution. You might be a journalist who writes regularly about policy issues, and you want to obtain a deeper understanding of the policy making process.

Whatever your background and career ambitions, the Fulbright School’s two-year Master in Public Policy (MPP) degree program, offered in collaboration with the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City and the Harvard Kennedy School,  provides students a world-class public policy education that combines theoretical rigor with specific attention to Vietnam’s unique conditions. As Vietnam changes, the MPP continues to introduce new course offerings to meet emerging policy challenges. We have added elective courses and redesigned our existing courses with new topics and case material relevant to the country’s changing needs. In recognition of the growing importance of international integration to Vietnam’s development, we now place a stronger emphasis on English language proficiency and the use of English language research sources.

Admission to the Fulbright School is competitive. The number of applications that we receive is many times greater than the number of places that we are able to offer. We are looking for able, hardworking students who are committed to making the most of the excellent opportunities that the Fulbright School can offer them. If you are confident of your ability, eager to learn, and want to make a contribution to the development of your country, then the Fulbright School is for you.

This brochure provides more information on our teaching programs and our other activities. You can also visit our website: I hope that the material in these pages encourages you to learn more about our school and to consider joining the Fulbright School community as a student in the next MPP class.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Vu Thanh Tu Anh


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