Course Calendar 2014 -2016

Year One

Fall Term- Tools for Analysis and Background


• Introduction to Public Policy (half course)

• Microeconomics for Public Policy

• Macroeconomics – Theory and Policy Applications

• Quantitative Methods

• Law and Public Policy (half course)

• English for Public Policy

Spring Term- Core and Specialized Policy Analysis


• Development Policy

• Public Sector Economics

• Financial Analysis OR Local and Regional Development

• Public Governance (half course)

• Research Methods for Public Policy (half course)

• Applied Econometrics (optional)

• English for Public Policy

• Philosophy and Theory

Summer Term –Advanced Policy Analysis, Management and Leadership


• Trade Policy OR Development Finance (half course)

• Appraisal of Public Investment

• Public Management and Leadership (half course)

Year Two


•Policy Seminar Series

•Completion of Master’s Thesis

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