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The Fulbright School’s Two-year Master in Public Policy (MPP) program is designed to equip Vietnamese professionals with strong intellectual foundations in policy analysis, development theory and public sector management. Through coursework and research, students learn to assess the key elements and perspectives of public policy, devise actionable solutions to policy challenges, and develop the organizational capacity needed to implement these solutions.

A solid grounding in economics is the cornerstone of the MPP curriculum. Economic analysis is an essential tool for the management of public finances and other activities of government that affect the allocation of resources. Policymakers involved in developing, enforcing, or evaluating rules and regulations must also master the principles of economics. Although students are exposed to the quantitative methods of the discipline, greater emphasis is placed on applying core concepts to real-world situations.

The program’s design is informed by the Harvard Kennedy School’s pioneering approach to public policy education. Unlike public policy programs abroad, however, the Fulbright School MPP is specifically tailored to the challenges confronting public sector decision makers in a developing economy. Fulbright School lecturers continually review the curriculum to ensure that it anticipates and responds to the current conditions of Vietnam’s economic development.

The MPP is intended primarily for leaders, policymakers, and public sector managers, as well as researchers and university instructors. The program does not teach business administration, but it may be appropriate for some private sector managers, especially those working at the intersection of business and government. Students who successfully complete all requirements for graduation shall receive a Master in Public Policy degree awarded by the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City together with a certificate of completion and full transcripts from the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program.

The MPP is a two year master’s degree program. All students receive scholarships covering the cost of tuition for the entire program and a living stipend for the first year. Students are required to attend every lecture and class, and failure to do so could result in expulsion from the program. Students are also required to be in residence in Ho Chi Minh City for the first year of the program. Students may leave Ho Chi Minh City in the second year to conduct thesis research.

Alumni of the Fulbright School’s one-year program in applied economics and public policy, offered for thirteen years from 1995-2008, are encouraged to apply for re-admission to the second year of the program. Graduates of the one-year program who are readmitted and successfully complete the second year of the course, including a master’s thesis, will be awarded the MPP degree.

Master in Public Policy Program

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